The Best Mobile Applications For Twitter


If you are using Twitter, then you will want to gain access to some of the best applications for this social networking site. Routinely updating your followers is important so that they all remain in constant contact with you. Twitter applications make this process easier so that you can get your tweets completed and sent in as little time as possible.


For BlackBerry users, OpenBeak is an easy to use twitter application that allows users to create tweets to send to their followers, as well as respond to tweets from others in an efficient manner. The program provides an icon that indicates the number of unread tweets and allows you to take and post pictures using your Blackberry.


iPhone users can utilize Twittelator to create and respond to tweets. Some of the features that this program provides tweeters is the ability to record and post video tweets, as well as inform your followers as to your current location via a map.


Android users are not alone as Twidroid is providing mobile users with a quality program to update their twitter page. Some of the unique features that Twidroid provides users with include simple refreshing by shaking the phone, custom ringtones for alerts, reply to all tweets function, and many more.

Mobile Phone Insurance

You should consider purchasing mobile insurance because accidents and theft do occur. Insurance companies are providing mobile users with protection against various events at an affordable price. The cost of a mobile device is typically high, so phone users benefit from paying a small monthly premium to avoid repairing or replacing their phone.

Mobile insurance provides the user with the following coverage from only £2.49 a month:

• Liquid Damage
• Accidental Damage
• Fraudulent Call Cover
• Extended Warranty Coverage
• Theft
• Worldwide Coverage
• Loss

Quality insurance companies will provide mobile users with phone insurance that contains all the items listed above. If you encounter an insurance company that only offers some or charges extra for some items, then you should avoid purchasing mobile phone insurance from them.

Mobile insurance is a necessity for any mobile phone user, as it provides the protection necessary to ensure that your device remains functional. You should not make the mistake of purchasing a mobile phone without having mobile phone insurance as you may find yourself paying hundreds of pounds repairing or replacing your phone.


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